susan beallor-snyder’s rope sculpture

susan beallor-snyder’s rope sculpture

Beginning her artistic journey with a focus on black and white street photography, Susan Beallor-Snyder spent many years exploring different mediums and enjoyed a successful career as a classical goldsmith.


Going In Circles

Focused exploration led to the Atlanta-based artist’s most recent body of work, large-scale sculptures made from natural manilla rope.


Inner Struggle


All Tied Up In Knots


Women’s Work

Beallor-Snyder uses a ‘free weaving’ technique to create sculptures that reflect the path of countless women as they struggle to hold on to their identity while balancing work, motherhood and marriage.


Susan Beallor-Snyder 

I think the power of this work is in its scale. I can almost hear the narrative in each piece as my eye travels the length of the sculpture, following the swirls of chaos, layers of inner turmoil, endless knots of stress.

Perhaps mothers and wives who share the daily juggling act of family life understand best that the swirling masses of knotted chaos possess a beauty and order that only they can bring to it and nurture. At the same time, Baellor-Snyder’s sculptures remind us that to see and appreciate the beauty we are creating we need to honor our own true selves as we guide our families on this journey.